LSCC Event Results


Memorial Day Results

 Step-aside Scramble:

1st Place (62) – Tom Gerlich, Tony Dahle, Kent McBreen, Amy Tolzman

2nd Place (*65) – David Feuerhelm, Dwight Beske, Zach Germscheid

3rd Place (*65) – Sean Kohout, Dave Swanberg, Kari Sandberg, Jack Roberts

4th Place (66) – Bob McGuire, Tom Obele, Meg Oberle, Joe Ziebarth

*scorecard playoff


#2 – Bob McGuire

#7 – Lois Quinn

#10 – Meg Oberle

#15 – John Bill

Thanks to all who played and supported the Beautification Fund of Le Sueur CC.

2022 Le Sueur Country Club Champions

Men’s Champion – Mike Purdy

Ladies Champion – Claire Orcutt

President’s Flight Champion – Randy Anderson

Executive Flight Champion – Tom Gerlich

Men’s Senior Champion – Mike Purdy

Ladies’ Senior Champion – Dana Ross-Arlt

Men’s Super-Senior Champion – George Riviere

Ladies Super-Senior Champion – Char Muehlhausen

Men’s First Flight Champion – Jack Ammann

Men’s Second Flight Champion – Dean Seaver

Men’s Third Flight Champion – Brian Flindt